Angelika Fojtuch

Angelika Fojtuch

performance art, video


Born in 1978, in Gdynia, Poland.

Angelika Fojtuch is an international visual artist - works primarily in performance art and its documentation, guest curator and educator. Fojtuch‘s art work has been presented at events and festivals throughout Europe, in Israel, Canada, China and USA, a.o. VIENNA FAIR, NADA Art Fair in Miami, SUPERMARKET Art Fair in Stockholm, 7a11d Fado Center in Toronto, The 2nd Biennale of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki.

In 2006-08, she co-founded PORT PERFORMANCE - Forum for Performance Art.

PORT PERFORMANCE has conducted performance art workshops for international participants in Gdansk, Tallinn, Berlin and Tel Aviv. Her article about performance art is included in "Pedagogia de la Performance" a book published by Valentin Torrens.

She is presented at Flash Art, The World’s Leading Art Magazine - Artists Dictionary as one of the most interesting young Polish artists.

“Angelika Fojtuch’s performance work deals with the issues of communication, the role of body and emotions in interpersonal relations and the creation of identity confronting them with the mechanisms of culture. Focusing on norms of individual’s appearance in public space, she explores and crosses the borders of social conduct in order to reveal collective latent tensions, neglected fantasies or traumatic fears. Her work is usually conceived as a process of interaction with an audience, that Fojtuch often puts in uncomfortable or embarrassing situations. She often refers also to the specific social and psychological context of the performance’s site.”

Joanna Sokołowska (Zacheta National Gallery of Art, PL-Warsaw)



„Zrosty”, EPAF, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, PL-Warsaw

„tattoo”, Préavis de désordre urbain, FR-Marseille

„bez tytułu”, NAVINKI, BE-Minsk

„bez tytułu”, MCSW Elektrownia, PL-Radom

„Spam”, GGM, PL-Gdansk

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„bez tytułu”, Mandala, PL-Wrocław

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„bez tytułu”, Cuud, PL-Gdynia

„Spam”, lokal_30, PL-Warsaw


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“4U”, OPEN-International Festival of Performance Art, 798 Art Zone, CN-Beijing

“4U”, BWA, PL-Bydgoszcz

„I am from Poland”, Cuma, CCA, IL-Tel Aviv

Another City Another Life”, Zacheta National Gallery of Art, PL-Warsaw


„Gniazdo”, „Miedzy rzeczywistoscia a nierzeczywistoscia”, Manhattan Gallery, PL-Lodz

„After Saturday”, The Koresh Affair, IL-Jeruzalem

„...”, Performance Festival „Creatures in the City of Jeroen Bosch”, NL-'s-Hertogenbosch

Za swoje 2”, Dialog Project in Prologue, ESC Gallery, AT- Graz

Za swoje 1”, Dialog Project, ON Gallery, PL- Poznan

„I am looking for this person”, Performance Festival „Peptalk is all you need”, Se-Karlskrona

too much to look at /watch - too little to see”, “Zrob to” BWA, PL- Zielona Gora

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too much to look at /watch - too little to see” Art Festival - Nowa Eurasia, PL- Poznan

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„I am looking for this person”, Mandala Festival, PL-Wrocław

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„TWOJA 4“, frisch eingetroffen, zeitraum_exit, D-Mannheim

„Genesis 2” CUMA #1, Modelarnia, PL-Gdansk

„Why you don`t fuck me” Modelarnia, PL-Gdansk

„DIALOG“, project with Elisa Andessner, kloszART, PL-Gdansk

„Genesis 1”, „POloveLAND“, Mostowa2, PL-Krakow

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TWOJA 3“, Hochschule für Gestaltung, D-Karlsruhe

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„kochamy się ale nie aż tak żeby”, „Kontperformance”, Gallery KONT, PL-Lublin

“Święto Kobiet”, red-letter day 8th of march, streetaction, PL-Krakow


„3.II.2003 Performance ku czci bohaterów powszednich”,„PRECEDENS 4”, BWA, PL-Zielona Gora

exhibitions and presentations


WRO’09 Polish Video Tour, Invideo Festival, Spazio Oberdan, IT-Milano

Vilnius Coop gaps, The X Baltic Triennial of International Art, LT-Vilnius

WRO’09 Polish Video Tour, UA-Lviv

WRO’09 Expanded City XIII Biennale Sztuki Mediów,PL-Wrocław

Encuentro Multidisciplinario, Arcimboldo Gallery, AR-Buenos Aires

Fikcja i Fikcja, Instytut Sztuki Wyspa, PL-Gdańsk


Sztorm Art, PGS, PL-Sopot

Liste 08 The Young Art Fair in Basel, Lokal30, CH-Basel

VIENNA FAIR, Lokal 30, AT-Vienna

WORDS 2 the 39th Poetry International Festival, Sub Urban, NL-Rotterdam

Videoscreening, M4 Performance Festival, Galerie Nord, D-Berlin


„The Sculpture Speaks: Power and Freedom”, Art Hall, EST-Tallinn

„Project Ikus Reiknub”, PL-Wrocław, Torun

„Słodka Sztuka” Center for Contemporary Art Laznia, PL-Gdansk


"Interrupted connections", Zacheta National Gallery of Art, PL-Warsaw

Visual Display, Galerie Nord, D-Berlin

POLICJA, Bunkier Sztuki, PL-Krakow

"You Won’t Feel A Thing",Kunsthaus Dresden, D-Dresden

Videoscreening, Majówka Festival, Modelarnia, PL-Gdansk

„Panie Proszą Panów” 8 marca, Center for Contemporary Art Laznia, PL-Gdansk


"Zoon1 Politikon", Baltic Gallery for Contemporary Art, PL-Słupsk

Project "Audiotourism", Center for Contemporary Art Laznia, PL-Gdansk and National Center for Contemporary Art, RUS-Kaliningrad

"current videoworks from poland", Künstlerhaus Bethanien, D-Berlin

”Nocna Projekcja”, Gallery Projekto.r., Inner Spaces, PL-Poznan

“ajababy”, solo exhibition, Gallery Wozownia, PL-Torun


„Święto Kobiet”, red-letter day 8th of march, Gallery Lokal, PL-Krakow


"Prezentakcje" meeting of the polish art departments, Gallery Wozownia, PL-Torun

„Videokont“ IV Festival for new artmedias, Gallery KONT, PL-Lublin

Project "ŚCIANA", solo exhibition, gallery of the art academy, PL-Gdansk

"czas w obrazie”, Muzeum Ślężańskie, PL-Sobótka and BWA Gallery, PL-Wrocław


„Reset”, Bunkier Sztuki, PL-Krakow

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"Presentakcje", Gallery Wozownia, PL-Torun


"wzgórza trzy", project, SAOZ, PL-Krakow


"Miejsce - Terytorium", MU Festival, Fort św. Benedykta, PL-Krakow